[Samba] Samba4 and muli workgroup or browsing lists for all group supporting !

Computer service SPb. cpservicespb at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 14:27:21 MDT 2014

I have router / Samba4 / pptp / l2tp server (all-in-one) with eth interface
and with ppp interfaces.
Also I have some workroups via eth interface (Lan groups) and some pptp /
l2tp workgroups (vpn groups) differ from Lan groups.
Due to unknown and magic circumstances for me at the time, if vpn client
has group differ from Lan groups it could not announce itself as browser
for it group and could not get browser lists of Lan clients.
How to make Samba4 working as LMB for all newly appeared vpn clients groups
besides Samba4 belongs to or how to set up Samba4 to maintain browsing
lists for all ANY groups which Samba4 has got requests for ?
I set up Samba as DMB, nothing.

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