[Samba] smbcontrol smbd reload-config or service smbd reload doesn't reload include files

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Fri Mar 14 08:46:03 MDT 2014

Am 14.03.2014 09:18, schrieb Antun Horvat:
> If I am not wrong, smbconfig all reload-config changes will be visible
> only on next login.
> This is because when you log into the server samba will create a copy of
> config object and pass it to the newly forket smbd instance.
> At next reload-config, config changes will be visible only to the parent
> smbd process and will be given (a copy) to all newly created smbd child
> processes.

The 'smbconfig all reload-config' is for all smbd/nmbd/winbind/(don't 
know if for samba too) processes - including child processes.

E. g. if you add a printer or a share, the changes are are directly 
usable by clients.

But some parameters are used, when the machine connects. E. g. if you 
have 'max protocol = NT1' and then increase it to SMB3, the reload 
wouln't have an effect, because the client negotiates this when he's 

So it depents on the parameters if the reload bring the changes directly 
to your clients or on the next login or reboot (like 'msdfs root').


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