[Samba] smbcontrol smbd reload-config or service smbd reload doesn't reload include files

Antun Horvat antun.horvat at radio101.hr
Fri Mar 14 07:25:44 MDT 2014

The smbcontrol PID close-share SHARE_NAME will essentially close the  
associated users connection and as a result running smbd process will be 
terminated. If the client tries to access the share again, windows will 
"reopen" a connection and new smbd will be spawned with new 
configuration directives.

The thing is that when you open a share in a explorer and than close the 
explorer, the connection to the server is not closed. The connection is 
still open for certain amount of time, and only after some timeout it is 
You can check this behavior via *netstat -n* or *net use* command.

On 03/14/2014 02:15 PM, Sabuj Pattanayek wrote:
>     To force a reload without restarting smbd, use smbstatus to figure
>     out which clients are logged into the share and close the shares
>     on samba side by the use of smbcontrol PID close-share SHARE NAME
>     command.
> Will try, but how his this different from disconnecting from the share 
> and reconnecting? Shouldn't the forked smbd close after this happens? 
> So far the only two surefire ways to make sure the "admin user = " and 
> perhaps other parameters take effect after a reload are :
> 1) completely logout and log back in on the client (which is attached 
> to the same domain)
> 2) restart samba

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