[Samba] samba - what happens if I say local master = No for samba 3

Raymond raymond at joburgtheatre.com
Thu Mar 13 06:45:10 MDT 2014


Hi all, another question on my roadmap to samba 4.


I must admit that I am a bit scared of doing the migration from samba 3 to
samba 4 and wondered if there is a simplified process that can be followed
instead of the wiki...


What happens if I selected (NO) in my samba3 config file ( local master = No
) and I Installed and booted a second server with samba4 on it... Will they
be able to run parallel together?


What I then do is to do a PC migration (one by one) onto the new server?


60 users are not that mush if there is no downtime. I can set out a week or
two and transfer the user's data to the new server... Join their PC's to the
new domain controller etc...


Or do you guys think we should rather follow the Wiki on migrations?









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