[Samba] AD-DC as file server

Klaus Hartnegg hartnegg at gmx.de
Thu Mar 13 06:20:27 MDT 2014

On 13.03.2014 13:04, steve wrote:
> On Thu, 2014-03-13 at 12:43 +0100, Klaus Hartnegg wrote:
>> The accepted practice seems to be, set up Samba 4 for authorisation and
>> then set up a separate Samba3 fileserver.
> Very confusing. Samba3 is no longer developed. Surely we need to
> recommend Samba4 for both rôles? By all means, separate them.

That was from one year ago. Today it would translate into using the smbd 
binary from samba4.

Maybe this confusion started during the beta phase. There it was 
recommended to not use the samba4 daemon for anything except SYSVOL and 

Today this does not seem to be correct any more, because meanwhile smbd 
from samba3 was merged into samba4. I remember a few exceptions like 
that certain options in smb.conf do not work in this case, but cannot 
find details right now.

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