[Samba] Wiki should have Readme First

Klaus Hartnegg hartnegg at gmx.de
Thu Mar 13 05:43:09 MDT 2014

On 13.03.2014 11:51, Jason Waters wrote:
> About running AD and filesharing on the same machine. I've fine it since
> 4.0 came out. We have two offices linked in a pdc/bdc both running AD and
> filesharing. I never have any problems.  Just my two cents!

I searched for this on the mailing list, and cannot find the email that 
I had in mind when I wrote the text. Instead I found these comments, all 
one year old:


Some support infrastructure varies between the operating modes, and some
options are forced on in the AD DC, so as to emulate NT ACLs in the way
we must for the SYSVOL share.  We also use a different winbind

For smaller sites, where there is just one server, using the AD DC as
the file server is perfectly fine and supported.  It will work well.


We have generally suggested separating the roles, but that is because we
think that users of our AD DC might wish to have different redundancy,
life cycle and other requirements between the two modes of operation.
This applies particularly on larger sites.


You can create shares on samba4 and connect to them from the cli, via
smbclient for instance, you just cannot browse to them.
The accepted practice seems to be, set up Samba 4 for authorisation and
then set up a separate Samba3 fileserver.

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