[Samba] connect windwos 7 to linux homes

Jason Waters jwaters at h2os.com
Thu Mar 13 04:48:57 MDT 2014

What about mapping from a login.bat script defined in the users account?
Does that work/stick?
On Mar 12, 2014 7:05 PM, "Marc Fromm" <Marc.Fromm at wwu.edu> wrote:

> There Is no popup. I message is displayed that system cannot connect to
> all mapped drives.
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> > I map the driver using windows 7 Map Network Drive tool by entering
> > \\server.name\homes in the folder box, select Reconnect at logon,
> > click Connect using different credentials, click finish, provide my
> > linux samba user name and password. I am then connected to my home
> > directory on the linux box until a reboot.
> >
> > Upon reboot the mapped drive no longer works as described below and I
> > must delete it and create a new one to connect again.
> Is there perhaps a pop up that does not last very long asking for a
> password when you first log on after the reboot? We had one user who was
> missing such a pop up and he finally found out that he had to watch the
> screen very closely after rebooting.
> That said, your version of Samba is very very old. The latest in the 3.*
> series is 3.6.22. It may well predate Windows 7.
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