[Samba] Wiki should have Readme First

Justin Clacherty justin at redfish.com.au
Wed Mar 12 19:47:20 MDT 2014

> From: "Petros" <Petros.Listig at fdrive.com.au>
> >> > In case Klaus is right (I cannot judge..) I wonder whether the "one
> >> > machine advice" should be:
> >> >
> >> > "To run a  SME server (directory service and file server on the
> >> > same
> >> > box) it is recommended to run a NT style domain."
> >>
> >> I am not sure that running a NT style domain can be recommended.
> >>
> >
> > Agreed.
> What is your advice instead?

I'd like clarification that it can't be done first.  When it comes to the current samba release I don't believe Klaus is correct, hopefully someone with more knowledge on it can confirm either way.

>From Andrew Bartlett's response to "samba4 best practices questions" on 13/02/2014

> I would like to be able to maybe suggest the separation to the FreeNAS 
> developers for stability to improve their software but I would need to 
> know the technical reasons why the separation is important to be able to do so.

The reasons are more philosophical than technical.  For an appliance like FreeNAS, if you were ever to use that as an AD DC, then perhaps the organisation is so small that there is only one machine, and that would be fine.  But if the organisation was running multiple servers, I would suggest running two as the AD DC, and provisioning file servers separately.


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