[Samba] Which windows admin tools work with samba 4.1?

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Wed Mar 12 13:04:56 MDT 2014


Am 12.03.2014 14:44, schrieb DNK:
> Thank you for the info. I’m familiar with the usage of
 > the tools themselves. I just have never used them
 > with Samba. I guess the main reason I was asking is
 > that I just setup a Samba 4.1 server on Centos 6.5
 > (Bind flat file) and not all the tools would work.
 > For example the DNS mgmt would not work, etc. The user
 > mgmt tools did, etc. So because it was not consistent,
 > I was just making sure that I was not barking up a tree
 > when certain tools might not have been supported.

Did you realy provisioned with BIND flat file (not BIND_DLZ)?

Bind flat file isn't reccommented and there were thoughts in the past, 
to remove it. That's why the Wiki HowTo only talks about BIND_DLZ and 
the internal DNS.

You should move over to BIND_DLZ. It had never tried that, but I guess 
it should work like the switch from internal DNS:

Here you find information about how to setup BIND_DLZ:

> So the share mgmt tools, dns, dhcp, etc should all work then?


> I guess i better get reading to figure out what is wrong
 > with my fresh install then.

You should try the switch over to BIND_DLZ first. And if you still have 
problems, just come back to the list. :-)


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