[Samba] samba 4 as a pdc and /etc/passwd

David Bear dwbear75 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 10:46:20 MDT 2014

but my original question was do I need to duplicate all the accounts in
/etc/passwd between the two machines since I did not have ldap installed
originally? Will samba 4 and it's built-in ldap stuff capture what I need
to get through pdc to bdc replication?

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 9:41 AM, Rowland Penny
<rowlandpenny at googlemail.com>wrote:

>  On 12/03/14 16:22, David Bear wrote:
> Thanks for the rapid response. Apologies I was not more clear.
>  I want to stick with the standard NT 4 domain contoller style network.
> Maybe next years I will think if migration to and ad dc. But for now, I
> want the simplest path off the samba 3 domain controller that I have.
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 9:18 AM, Rowland Penny <
> rowlandpenny at googlemail.com> wrote:
>>  On 12/03/14 16:07, David Bear wrote:
>>> I am remembering something wrong related to samba 4 and that there is no
>>> longer a need to have machine accounts and user accounts exist in
>>> /etc/passwd ? I want to set up a samba 4 domain controller as a bdc to a
>>> samba 3 domain. Have the domain data base replicate and then shut down
>>> the
>>> samba 3 pdc and promote the samba 4 to a pdc. It would be nice to ignore
>>> having to migrate /etc/passwd because I did not set up ldap for the
>>> samba 3
>>> domain.
>>>   I think that we are going to need a bit more info here. When you say
>> 'bdc' & 'pdc' are you referring to the 'classic' samba setup, or do you
>> expect to end up with an AD controller?
>> If you want to end up with an AD controller, then what you are proposing
>> will not work, an AD DC will never be a pdc in a NT domain.
>> I think that you will have to go down the classicupgrade path here, but
>> without further info, I cannot be sure.
>> Rowland
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> David Bear
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>   Ah, well in that case, I think it is just a case of setting up samba4
> just like the samba3 machine and then syncing the userdatebase etc from the
> pdc to the bdc. This is usually just done by copying the samba directory
> from one to the other (on Ubuntu this is /var/lib/samba YMMV).
> Start up the new machine, make sure everything is ok and then stop smbd,
> nmbd, winbind on the old pdc and everything should just work, or maybe not.
> If it doesn't work, restart smbd etc on the original pdc and you should be
> back to where you were, you can then check the logs to try and find out
> what went wrong.
> This is all from memory, it is a good few years since I last did this (ok,
> in fact I only ever did it once ;-) ), so if anybody has a better way,
> please chime in.
> Rowland

David Bear
mobile: (602) 903-6476

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