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Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Wed Mar 12 01:41:35 MDT 2014

It seems that clustering a filesystem and exporting it to samba 4 acting as
dc /multiple dcs will break this.
I myself testing it with gluster as underlying cluster on a two node
replicating brick. The same effect!!!
Even the gid of the groups and users are different on two or more
replicating samba4 dcs.
You just have to set this to be unique on all servers to have access to the
clusterd shares. I think the only way to make this
work is by a single cluster-IP that is used to bind the clients to one
server and if this server is down the IP will be taken over
by another dc in the domain.

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As I know i could open my shares via domain eg: \\domainc.com\share I have 2
samba 4.1.5 server and one win2003 DC.
Succesfully made a clustered filesystem so now both servers (except
win2003) can open the shares.
My problem is: i succesfully opened the share yesterday, it worked well one
time but since that i couldnt open it via \\domain.com\share only via
\\dc01\share or \\dc02\share.

Could you help what could be the roblem?


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