[Samba] some users can't access Samba Share

Paul Kean pauljkean at yahoo.com.au
Mon Mar 10 21:12:06 MDT 2014


I'm very new at using Samba and this problem is driving me crazy. I also realize that this problem may not be a Samba issue, but...

I have a home network consisting of 4 Win7 PCs and a Linux Server running Ubuntu 13.10. 

I have set up the Samba config to create an open share on the Server. I just want anybody in my home network to able to store and delete files on the share. 

Now three of the users can do this with no problem, but the fourth user (which happens to be my PC) cannot. I can see the server in the Win Network view but when I try to open it, I get asked for a userid/pw. If I enter my Linux account details, then the share shows up, but I do not have write access, which makes it fairly useless.
I found one post on a forum that it was not a good idea to have a Linux user and windows user with the same userid, for Samba purposes, so I deleted the Linux user and created a new one, but it made no difference.

I have been using tcpdump on the server to try to see what the difference is between the good and bad cases, but as I'm not sure what I'm looking for, that has not been helpful either.

The fact that three users can use the share OK, makes me think its a problem with my PC, but I have no idea what. The PC is relatively new installation of Win7 Professional 64bit and the server is a very new installation of Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit server edition.

Has anybody had a problem like this and solved it or have any idea what could be going wrong.

Thanks for any help

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