[Samba] Samba 4 - disconnection after 10 hours

X-Dimension x-dimension at gmx.net
Mon Mar 10 10:38:59 MDT 2014

Am 08.03.2014 13:27, schrieb X-Dimension:
> Am 27.02.2014 21:08, schrieb X-Dimension:
>> We have a strange problem since we are using Samba 4.
>> On our domain controller (Samba 4.1.4) we have a share called 
>> "programs" where we have installed
>> all programs that our employees need.
>> When a domain user (Windows 7 client) is connected round about 10 
>> hours  to our Samba DC,
>> all open programs that are installed on the "programs" share seems to 
>> get lost the connection to
>> the server and so they crash. We can only close these applications by 
>> killing them with the Windows task manager.
>> After this we can start all of these programs without a problem and 
>> there are working fine again.
>> It looks like Samba kills the connection after 10 hours although the 
>> programs are still in use.
>> Does anybody has the same problem, or knows what goes wrong here?
>> Thx for help!
> I wonder if nobody else seems to have this problem.
> I can reproduce this every time here, even after updating to Samba 4.1.5
> Steps to reproduce are:
> 1. Install Samba 4 as Active Directory Domain Controller
> 2. Create a share (call it "Programs" for example)
> 3. Join the domain with a Windows 7 client and install some programs 
> to the "Programs" share
> 4. Open some of these programs on the Windows 7 client computer
> -> smbstatus on the Samba server should now show many open files for 
> these programs
> 5. Leave the programs open on the Windows client and wait around 9 
> till 10 hours
> 6. After 9 till 10 hours run smbstatus again on the Samba server and 
> it shows no open files anymore
> and all the open programs on the Windows client should not work or 
> crash now when you click on a menu item
> in it or something like that.
> Can anybody confirm this?
> Thx
I have done a few tests over the weekend and the disconnection always 
occurs exactly after 10 hours!
So i searched for SMB/CIFS timeouts on Google and found that the 
Kerberos ticket timeout is
also 10 hours by default.

Is it possible that the Kerberos ticket timeout is the reason for my 
disconnection problem?
Maybe there is a problem with Kerberos ticket renewal on the client or 
server side?

I also found this bug, that sounds similar

How can i check if Kerberos ticket renewal works on our system or not?


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