[Samba] Access shares from DNS alias

Valentin Cheche valentin at cheche.ro
Sun Mar 9 12:08:35 MDT 2014

On Sunday, March 9, 2014 4:20:01 PM UTC+2, Valentin Cheche wrote:
> Hello,
>    I have setup a Samba 4 ADDC following the tutorial in the wiki. I
> need it to be a DC and a fileserver.
>    Everything works fine and dandy except that I cannot access the
> file shares via a DNS alias, instead of the original hostname/DNS
> name. And I need this for various reasons, enough to halt going live
> with it if it doesn't work. :-(
>    When accessing via the machine's fqdn everything works. When using
> a DNS alias I can get to list the shares but I get access denied when
> trying to get into them.
> (....)

A one line edit in smb.conf fixed my problem.
If anyone knows if more needs to be done (in the Samba 4 context),
please give me a hint.
By all looks, it works as expected now.

    netbios alias = file file.timco.int fileserver fileserver.oldtim.local

Got so distracted by the Windows-ish feel and way of management of
Samba4 that I almost forgot about smb.conf. :-)))


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