[Samba] allow insecure wide links

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Sun Mar 9 00:55:55 MST 2014

Hays, Arthur (NIH/NEI) [E] wrote:
> Does the 'allow insecure wide links' parameter work in the Samba in RHEL 6.5 (which is 3.6.9-167.el6_5)?
Were you aware that the "wide links" parameter was changed into a "per
Share", vs. being a Global in the past?

Otherwise, I if you don't get an error message when you run 'testparm',
it should mean it is working.

If you are on the paranoid side and actually believe wide links are
somehow insecure (since no matter where a user could point them, they
don't give access to files they wouldn't have access to while logged in
to the server), or even if you aren't that paranoid, you could check the
source and make sure your distro hasn't changed things...   have had
that happen a few times with other things in opensuse in the past
several years...

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