[Samba] Books of Samba 4

Davor Vusir davortvusir at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 12:15:05 MST 2014

On 2014-03-06 14:25, Raymond wrote:
> I entered this conversation from the tail end but my experience with samba4
> and other technologies such as SOGO and Openchange was also not a easy
> ride... but I saw the light 5 minutes ago by watchin Julien on Youtube.
> I also tried the docs and got a bit stuck (lost) but I then google'd and
> found a very nice video on youtube. Can't recall the URL now but this guy
> took me step by step on how to install samba4 and in the end I had a working
> samba4 setup... With GPO's I also google'd and found a URL that explained
> how to setup the GPO part of things and now I have a working Samba4 AD/DC
> server with GPO's.
Great! Please find the video and talk to samba.org and openchange.org 
about their policy regarding posting "foreign" URLs on the wiki. It 
sounds like a valuable contribution to a bunch of users on this list.

> My point is if you get stuck on the service providers' website then use the
> internet a bit for alternatives. There are a lot of people who endured the
> pain and when they succeeded they made the information available in more
> detail to the public. If you want to see a classical process (and I think
> the samba team went through the same thing) then watch this video
> http://youtube.com/watch?v=yDYHcNbTU_s
> Don't bite the hand that feeds you...
True. I have been following this list for a while and all to often a 
question is asked with minimal information included; no version 
information, no smb.conf, no or minimal logs. And there is a handful of 
people answering and they repeat the same questions: which samba 
version? Please post your smb.conf. Do you have some logs? To take the 
burden off the developers and others I think they should be reluctant to 
answer any support questions without a minimum of information included. 
And change the footer in the mails to a header with URLs to the wiki and 
a statement about minimum requirements.

It is a sad thing that Tony Hain got a shitload for his mails - all he 
did was actualizing the documentation debt. It got far off the chart and 
it is not becoming! Samba Team has humbly requested user involvement and 
contribution. With no success...

I'm on the SOgo mailing list as well and theý suffered the same some 8-9 
months ago. I think the tone on the SOGo list has improved.

Samba is a great project. And the Samba AD DC... I am really impressed 
that you pulled it off. There are some glitches but generally works very 
fine. Andrew Bartlett sometimes writes about a technological debt. Samba 
version 4 has got a documentation debt. One thing I didn't realize 
before this sad conversation is that a Samba fileserver uses the Samba3 
binaries (if it is called so) and the AD DC uses another set. There _is_ 
room for clarification.

In my opinion, the developers and others are spending too much time 
answering the same questions over and over again. We, the community 
users, have to take greater responsibility for sharing our findings, 
how-tos and knowledge by contributing to the wiki.

Thank you

> Try and see where the hand comes from. As with the video link... take some
> time (it is long) but watch it... Julien basically opened my eyes to what is
> happening to Openchange and the Zyntal project when I saw this video and
> even in the video link you can see how the product is not perfect but still
> work in progress...
> I think the same thing apples with samba4 ... the technologies that are
> changing the world... We tend to think that it should be perfect when it is
> available to the public but watch the video above and you will see or get
> new found respect for the developers... and as Julien said... try it, use
> it, and give us some feedback on the bugs you pickup... With samba4 I think
> it is the same thing...
> Now I am looking at zentyal, openchange and samba4 a bit differently in
> regards to all my problems experienced with the software.
> Just my 5 cent worth...
> Ray
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> Sorry about self-quoting..
> Obviously Samba4 was planned differently as it is now, eg. with ntvfs, and
> more of the samba3 code is there than planned. The structure of the Wiki
> does not reflect it well, I think.
> I spent more time "looking around" as others may, simply because I want to
> use it under FreeBSD and ZFS and.. well, it makes cautious ..
> so I looked for background.
> I cannot find a prominent entry point for a quick "I want to use Samba" -
> how?" approach.
> I suggest the one below, and wonder whether idea and place (Wiki start page,
> Introduction) are right.
> I am tempted "just to do it" but do not want to vandalize the wiki:-)
> Or is this page or something similar there already, I just overlooked it?
> It also would be cool to add an architectural overview somewhere, e.g.
> which modules are used by which configuration, and how they work together.
> Even a few graphics with arrows;-)
> It does a lot if you can understand what's going under the hood. A lot of
> frustration comes from misunderstandings, especially if it does not work out
> of the box.
> For an admin who was not involved in the making it is not as obvious as for
> a team member who spent months and years making it. The later knows exactly
> what is running/configured/needed when.
> Regards
> Peter
> Quoting Petros <Petros.Listig at fdrive.com.au>:
>> Quoting "Andrew Bartlett" <abartlet at samba.org>
>>> .. but at least for now samba-tool
>>> is associated with operations that involve the AD DC, or other rarer
>>> modes of operation that use the 'samba' binary, and is generally not
>>> involved in operation of the standalone or domain member file server.
>> This and the Wiki, is pretty much AD and particularly DC "centred".
>> E.g. https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba finds other usage under
>> "5.2 Samba NT4-style domain documentation"
>> Maybe a _very_ obvious_ starting point is needed:
>> How do you want to setup your Sambas server?
>> - As an AD DC? - goto http:..
>> - As an AD member server? goto http:..
>> - As a NT4 style PDC? goto http:..
>> - As a NT4 style BDC? goto http:..
>> - As a NT4 domain member? goto http:..
>> - As a standalone server? goto http:..
>> - As a server with authorization configured per share - goto fail
>> Maybe it could be in the introduction of the mentioned page.
>> Regards
>> Peter
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