[Samba] deny new connections

Steven Broos Steven.Broos at politie.antwerpen.be
Thu Mar 6 06:06:49 MST 2014

Hi people,

I was wondering: is it possible to deny all new connections to samba, but keep the current connections working ?

We have some applications running from a samba share. To update the application everybody needs to close it.
Since we have almost 1000 concurrent users, 24/7, it is difficult to keep them out.
My solution now is:

-          Communicating the downtime and provide a time window in which users cannot access the application

-          In that time window: checking smbstatus for who is still logged in, phone them, and ask to quit the app

-          Change smb.conf to only allow my IP address, restart smb

-          Update

-          Restore original config and restart

Big culprit in this method is that sometimes users start the application while I stop or restart samba.
This often causes data-file corruption; the apps are very sensitive to that .

It would be very handy to deny new connections, but keep current connections (new file locks included) working.

Vriendelijke groeten,
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