[Samba] 4.1.5, spoolss_connect_to_client and negotiated protocol

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Wed Mar 5 04:42:23 MST 2014

Am 05.03.2014 04:20, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:

> We don't change defaults during a release stream, so no, this is only
> for 4.2.

Thanks for the answer. Can you comment this?:

In smb.conf:
  max protocol = SMB3
  client max protocol = SMB3

spoolss_connect_to_client: machine X didn't negotiate NT protocol.

Is it possible that for '*max protocol = SMB3' in smb.conf a higher 
protocol will be negotiated with modern clients and thats why the 
message in smbd.log is printed?

If the answer is yes:
Shouldn't spoolss_connect_to_client be changed?

der tom

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