[Samba] ------- RPC error -----

Raymond raymond at joburgtheatre.com
Wed Mar 5 03:53:55 MST 2014

Hi Guys, just want to put this out there and see what comes back.

My Setup


Zentyal server 3.3
Windows 8 client with Outlook 2010


On joining the windows 8 client to the domain I got this (The RPC server is unavailable) message popping up on Windows. All I then did is to restart the samba server and attempted to join again.

The Windows 8 PC joined the domain and all is working fine. The firewall is switched off and samba was running before I attempted to join the PC.

I am asking because I tried previously to using Outlook 2007 with Openchange and outlook kept on disconnecting with openchange. I then tried Outlook version 2010 with windows 8 and got that (RPC error) once and
afterwards when the joining was successful, I connected Outlook 2010 to Openchange and it stayed connected.

It might be that samba was the cause with Outlook 2007 not staying connected because of the RPC error and I did no pickup on it.

Anyone of you have experienced with this RPC error before? May just have been a glitch...?

Thank you,

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