[Samba] Does automatic DNS PTR generation in Samba4 AD DC work at all?

Sven Geggus lists at fuchsschwanzdomain.de
Wed Mar 5 02:20:34 MST 2014


I'm currently running a test setup with Samba4 internal DNS (Version 4.1.5
from Debian backports) and 2 clients (Linux and a Windows).

Everything seems to work so far.

However, I do not manage to get automatic PTR generation working. I'm using
the internal DNS at the moment, but I wouldn't mind changing to bind if
this will make it work.

While reverse DNS seem to work with manually generated entries (from Windows
DNS Manager, samba-tool does not work for this either) the automatic
generation does not seem to work.

When trying to trigger generation in mmc it tells me that the entry already

Is this a known issue?



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