[Samba] Books of Samba 4

Tony Hain tony at tndh.net
Mon Mar 3 12:33:52 MST 2014

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > ...
> If you install Samba per our HOWTOs, as an AD DC, it will very likely
> work'.  I know it is disconcerting to expect that given the unix history
of 'here
> is a bag of lego, now build a car', but really, we have built a product
that does
> for the most part and for almost those who deploy it in the recommended
> configurations 'just work'.

I appreciate the amount of work that has gone into making that happen. The
problem is that there are times when a DC is not the goal. If even a
fraction of the time had gone into documenting and testing for making the
Member Server work I could have saved several days. 

> > ...

> Sadly nobody I know with any experience in this area is writing anything.
> know the Samba-3 books are getting old, and we are looking at removing
> them for this reason.

While that is true, there are people stuck on 3.x (lots of active
discussions about dd-wrt/optware instances in other forums), so getting rid
of documentation is not the right answer. All that will do is create
confusion when new syntax and commands don't work on the old implementation.
If there is no samba 4 book in the works, the wiki needs to be clear about
the differences. 

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