[Samba] Duplicate PID

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sun Mar 2 13:29:37 MST 2014

Am 02.03.2014 11:40, schrieb Einat Ben Ezra:
 > Many thanks for your detailed response.
 > For now upgrading samba is not an option - since our product is
 > running on a customer site and it will be a problem to do so.
 > But what i need is to find some "evidence" that this issue is
 > actually a bug.
 > Can you please explain how can i easily find a clue regarding my
 > issue here is the list?

If nobody here on the list can help you and you can't upgrade, maybe the 
last change would be the commercial support:

 > I now that there is a site for this mailing list archive but i can't
 > recall that name.

The archives of the samba mailing lists, you can find here:

There are also several websites for searching the archives, like


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