[Samba] Duplicate PID

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sat Mar 1 08:47:07 MST 2014

Hello Einat,

Am 24.02.2014 18:04, schrieb Einat Ben Ezra:
> I'm using samba version 3.0.37 and i encountered a very strange and
> annoying phenomena
> when 2 different users from 2 different machines are getting the same PID
> from samba.
> (2 windows users that are trying to view documents on the CIFS share).
> *My questions are:*
> 1.Can someone please throw a light on the problem? explain why this can
> happen?
> 2. How can i avoid such a problem of duplicate PID?
> 3. Is there any workaround for such a problem?  - for now i cannot upgrade
> my samba version - it is not an option for me.
> 4. How can i identify this problem in samba logs - log.smbd . etc?

I know, that isn't the answer you've expected, but 3.0.x is out of 
maintainance since more than 5 years now. I think most people can't say 
much to problems in such old versions.

Please consider upgrading to a more recent version (4.0.15 or better 
4.1.5). If the problem is still there, you will surely have more success 
to find a solution here on the list. And if it's a bug, it will be 
surely fixed (in maintained versions).


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