[Samba] domain-based DFS ?

Klaus Hartnegg hartnegg at gmx.de
Mon Jun 30 13:11:09 MDT 2014

On 30.06.2014 20:15, Davor Vusir wrote:
>> "the" DC? Which DC? What if I have three DCs, and a client has logged in via
>> another one?
> On Windows you have to define the domain DFS on every DC.

No. In Windows DFS works great with just one single DFS server running 
on a pure file server, in a domain with four DCs. Running more DFS 
servers just increases the reliability and spreads the load.

"The namespace server can be a member server or a domain controller."

"You can increase the availability of a domain-based namespace by 
specifying additional namespace servers to host the namespace."

"When a DFS client first attempts to access a domain-based namespace, a 
domain controller provides a list of root servers to the client. This 
list of root servers is known as a root referral."

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