[Samba] Samba 4.1.8 Importing automountmap ldif entries from existing OpenLDAP setup or ?

Jefferson Davis jdavis at standard.k12.ca.us
Fri Jun 27 16:29:25 MDT 2014

Thanks for the quick reply... 

I actually have 2 OpenLDAP dirs that I can pull from... one with the default redhat rfc2307 and the other with rfc2307bis (an experiment I can sync and convert to)... 

Took a look at the excellent guide you mentioned: I'm having a bit of difficulty getting my brain wrapped around a few things, trying to map my current setup to the guide. 

a) while each user currently has their own dn: in the auto_data ou, the examples appear to handle it differently, with autofs handling this from the kerberos ticket's user data and passes the cifs username to nfs and only needing a single nisMapEntry attribute for all users on the given share? Am I even close? 

b) our current setup maps users to 1 of two nfs shares. The examples appear to me to only have an entry for each share as opposed to each user. Am I tracking this correctly, or way, way off base? 

Sorry, it's been a VERY long time since I dealt with NFS via flat files, and I am still coming up to speed on AD and how it wants to do things differently than OpenLDAP. 

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On Fri, 2014-06-27 at 10:34 -0700, Jefferson Davis wrote: 
> So, I have a test domain set up with rfc2307 = yes . 
> Now I'm trying to figure out if a) my nfs automount data came over from OpenLDAP, and b) if not, how to get it into samba 4's ldap, or something else??? Do I need to rethink my approach? 
> Mount locations are pretty consistent based on primary group/userid 
> Needs to work on Linux. 
> Existing entries look like this... 
> # /u, auto.master, standard.k12.ca.us 
> dn: cn=/u,ou=auto.master,dc=standard,dc=k12,dc=ca,dc=us 
> objectClass: top 
> objectClass: automount 
> cn: /u 
> automountInformation: ldap:ou=auto_data,dc=standard,dc=k12,dc=ca,dc=us 
> description: use this if you want (useful for irix but thats another story) 
> # /net, auto.master, standard.k12.ca.us 
> dn: cn=/net,ou=auto.master,dc=standard,dc=k12,dc=ca,dc=us 
> objectClass: top 
> objectClass: automount 
> cn: /net 
> description: auto.master 
> automountInformation: file:/etc/auto.net 
> # jdavis, auto_data, standard.k12.ca.us 
> dn: cn=jdavis,ou=auto_data,dc=standard,dc=k12,dc=ca,dc=us 
> objectClass: automount 
> cn: jdavis 
> automountInformation: -fstype=nfs,hard,intr,nodev,nosuid,nolock,noatime,rsize= 
> 32768,wsize=32768 scale.standard.k12.ca.us:/fs0/shares/Staff/jdavis 

We cover the autofs possibilities for AD here: 

Whilst the method will be the same for extending the schema, the classes 
and attributes you need for your schema are different but listed in the 
same link. I'm guessing, but converting your ldifs into something either 
rfc2307bis or nis can understand should be easy enough. BTW, if you can 
convert to the nis schema, Samba4 already has that built in. 
Good luck, 

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