[Samba] Permission issue writing to demo share

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Fri Jun 27 11:09:53 MDT 2014

>>>> Remove the tls stuff
>>> I wouldn't, he is using his own certs instead of samba4's
>> But he's not going out over the network is he? The DC is the same as the
>> file server no? Sorry, I've not read the whole thread.
> Well he has gone to all the trouble to create his own certs and you need
> certs to change user passwords over SSL.
> You get certs as standard after provision, try 'samba-tool testparm
> --verbose' it will show the certs lines in smb.conf on the DC.

Don't worry about certs. I'm running my PKI for more than a decade. If I 
had trouble with my certs, I could not send this mail and couldn't have 
read yours. I'm running a security focussed network.

In other words: ldapsearch -ZZ runs perfectly on the AD DC.

  - lars.

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