[Samba] Missing features, RLY?!? & readme1st again

Allen Chen achen at harbourfrontcentre.com
Fri Jun 27 08:17:29 MDT 2014

I can answer some of your questions based on my test environment:
1. compiled Samba 4.1.7
2. classicupgrade from samba3+ldap backend
3. Samba 4 internal DNS+LDAP
4. external DNS servers forward AD DC domain queries to the two Samba 4 
AD DC servers
5. the two Samba 4 AD DC servers are on different subnets via a gateway

On 6/27/2014 7:53 AM, Klaus Hartnegg wrote:
> Missing features from memory from following this mailinglist:
> - Win7 join to AD still requires two registry changes.
No, you don't need to change anything on Win7.
> - SYSVOL is not replicated, use a cronjob with rsync.
I use rsync to replicate SYSVOL.
> - Domain-Trust works only in one direction (which one?).
not tested.
> - winbind does not work on DCs, use a separate file server.
My AD DCs are the dedicated DC server, no file sharing. so I run S4 with 
the default smb.conf(no changes).
I don't see any issues. If you do file sharing on DC, it's another story.
> - Joining an AD requires one of its DCs in the same subnet?
No problems with multiple subnets for AD DCs and client machines.

I don't test the rest.
> - Cluster filesystems destroy TDB files, use CTDB.
> - CTDB does not work on an AD-DC, use a separate file server.
> - DFS works only server-based, not domain-based?
> - DFS works only for Administrators?
> - DFSR is not implemented.
> Is this list correct? Is it complete?
> This list should be in a Samba4-ReadmeFirst on the Wiki startpage. I 
> once started such a page, should I update the "limitations" section 
> and finally put a link to it on the startpage? Will the Wiki allow me 
> to edit the startpage? Where exactly should the link be?
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_Readme_First
My first choice on DNS setup is to change my existing DNS servers to 
forward AD DC domain query to AD DC servers, and have AD DC use its 
internal DNS.
So you can put all of your AD DCs' IP to your existing DNS servers.



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