[Samba] Upgrade From 4.0.16 To 4.0.17+ Breaks

David Minard david at scem.uws.edu.au
Thu Jun 26 19:43:58 MDT 2014

On 27/06/14 09:07, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Tue, 2014-06-24 at 22:02 +1000, David Minard wrote:
>> G'day Guys,
>> 	I've hit a snag.  After using S4 from Alpha, beta, rc, 4.0.1..16 with success, I wanted to upgrade to the 4.1 series.  However, after compiling, installing, and provisioning, with no errors, samba4 won't start correctly.  I did a few tests by installing from scratch, on the same server each of the following versions (4.0.17, 4.0.18, 4.0.19, and 4.1.9), and got the same errors in log.samba.  Samba4.0.16, on the same server runs flawlessly.  I'm running on Centos6.5_64 with the latest updates as of today.  I've spend a few days with Google, but I couldn't find anything helpful.
>> 	It all points to samba trying to set up IPv6 bindings, but it cannot.  Any ideas why this might be?  How can I resolve it?  What changed from beyond version 4.0.16 that would cause this issue?
> Try 'interfaces =' (or whatever your address is).
> I think I saw a patch for this (IPv6 found but not running) on the
> samba-technical list recently.

No change.  I'm still getting the same errors.

> Andrew Bartlett


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