[Samba] Join AD fails DNS update

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 26 13:02:31 MDT 2014

On 26/06/14 19:33, Lars Hanke wrote:
> I made some substantial progress in finding out what is happening. 
> tcpdump was my friend. I always thought the update was internal to the 
> the DC, but it is actually a matter of the client talking to the DNS.
> The prerequisite, which is considered not satisfied, is:
> samba4.ad.microsult.de CNAME NONE 0 0
> which means (RFC 2136, 2.4.3) that the said CNAME must not exist.
> This makes sense, and it should not exist. I'll try to reproduce this 
> using nsupdate. By now samba 3.6.6 seems to do everything right, but 
> the DLZ answers wrong, i.e. if there is a bug, it seems to be on the 
> samba4 side.
> Regards,
>  - lars.
There is another way round this problem, run a dhcp server on the samba4 
machine and use this to update samba4 dns.


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