[Samba] Ms-AD with samba AD

David Bear dwbear75 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 11:00:51 MDT 2014

We have an old AD running on windows that we want to retire. It was not set
up correctly but it is providing dns under a domain -- call it myschool.edu.
Our samba server we set up on the domain we called ad.myschool.edu. We want
to have our windows dns forward requests for the new ad.myschool.edu domain
to our samba server and windows doesn't seem to want to do so. We have
attempted to create a primary 'subdomain', a 'stub domain' and the other
option available in the dns manager tool. Nothing worked correctly to
forward requests to the ad.myschool.edu domain. Can anyone provide
suggestion on how we may get our windows dns to correctly forward to our
samba domain? Sorry that this is not strictly a samba question but I'm sure
somone has to be running a samba AD next to a windows AD.

David Bear
mobile: (602) 903-6476

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