[Samba] Extremely slow DC domain join

Benjamin Arntzen barntzen at digipen.edu
Wed Jun 25 18:49:47 MDT 2014

Hey there,

I've been playing with a fairly large SAMBA4 domain (~29,500 objects) 
that has been freshly migrated from Samba3.

I created a fairly generously specced VM called "sdc-us0" and then ran 
the following command:

sudo samba-tool domain join 'ad.digipen.edu' DC -Uadministrator 

It works, however it takes an *extremely* long time to get past the 
"Committing SAM database" step - we're talking anywhere from 12 to 24 
hours (it was 7 hours and 30 minutes in when I left the office, so I 
don't know the exact length of time it takes). During that time little 
IO is seen and a single core is pegged to 100% utilization.

Am I doing something wrong? I was under the impression that creating and 
joining a new DC should be significantly faster than that.

Both machines are running Debian 7 "Wheezy" with Samba 4.1.7 installed 
from backports.

~ Benjamin

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