[Samba] samba4 migration

Pascal Legrand pascal.legrand at univ-orleans.fr
Wed Jun 25 04:07:02 MDT 2014

i plan to migrate from Samba NT4-style domain with ldap backend (samba3)
to Samba Active Directory (samba4)

I'm testing this on a "test machine"
I want to install samba on a debian stable from backport repository.

The first problem : To install samba i have to be on the same network as
my samba3 server (internet access)
But as it is said  :
The migration from an NT4-style domain to Active Directory is a one way
road! This means that when your clients are contacting the first time
your migrated AD Domain Controller, then will never access the NT4-style
domain any more - even if you rollback your changes!
My first question is : once samba is installed from aptitude, does it
start automatically? or do i have the time to change ip address of my
test machine before it start ?

The second question :
do i have to install os requirement before install samba as it is said
here :
or just install samba (dependancy will be installed from aptitude )
aptitude install samba

Thanks for your help

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