[Samba] Join AD fails DNS update

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Tue Jun 24 13:08:41 MDT 2014

Hi Steve,

currently there is no pressing reason. I can register the machines in 
another DNS domain to make them accessible.

However, the notion that I do not understand the elementary basics, e.g. 
where samba stores its DNS entries, gives an uneasy feeling for creating 
a production solution. If something doesn't work and I know why, I can 
decide whether I can cope with that. Life has taught me that if 
something doesn't work and you don't know why, it will hit you even 
harder later.

In case that this is an actual bug, I'd like to hunt it down to either 
file it properly, or even provide a patch. It's been out there for at 
least 2 years! But since I'm new to samba4 and AD (not to LDAP, 
Kerberos, or samba), I acknowledge that I do not understand its full 


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