[Samba] Join AD fails DNS update

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Tue Jun 24 12:07:18 MDT 2014

> The ONLY way we can get it to register upon domain join is:
> /etc/hosts
> fqdn hostname localhost
> And /etc/hostname
> fqdn
> 1. net ads leave -UAdministrator
> 2. remove the A record on the DC
> 3. net ads join -UAdministrator

Left the domain, changed /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname, couldn't remove 
any A record (see other post), joined again => same situation.

However, after leaving the dn: 
CN=samba4,CN=Computers,DC=ad,DC=microsult,DC=de in sam.ldb was gone on 
the AD DC. After joining a new one appeared. So the join seems to work.

  - lars.

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