[Samba] Join AD fails DNS update

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Tue Jun 24 12:00:10 MDT 2014

>> So DLZ claims that the entry exists, but it cannot be accessed by Bind.
>> Any ideas?
> Tidy up the stale records:
> http://linuxcostablanca.blogspot.com.es/2013/09/samba4-bind9dlz-stale-dns-records-with.html

Tried that, but I see a different LDAP structure than stipulated in the 
post. I can do

ldbsearch --url=/srv/files/private/sam.ldb | grep MicrosoftDNS

which produces DN of root servers but none of the local DNS entries. On 
the other hand these entries exist, e.g.:

root at samba:/# host -t SRV _ldap._tcp.ad.microsult.de
_ldap._tcp.ad.microsult.de has SRV record 0 100 389 samba.ad.microsult.de.
root at samba:/# ldbsearch --url=/srv/files/private/sam.ldb | grep _ldap
root at samba:/#

This stuff is definitely not listed in any hosts files. I can also 
search for the new hostname, which occurs in a single DN

dn: CN=samba4,CN=Computers,DC=ad,DC=microsult,DC=de

i.e. nothing about DNS. On the other hand it seems like the join was 
successful. Is sam.ldb probably the wrong database to look for DNS?

  - lars.

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