[Samba] posix gid mapping of built-in groups

Henrik Langos hlangos-samba at innominate.com
Mon Jun 23 09:39:53 MDT 2014

On 06/23/14 14:40, Sven Schwedas wrote:
> On 2014-06-23 13:32, Henrik Langos wrote:
>> Hi Louis,
>> Thank you for the link. I've seen your scripts before and it was on my
>> todo list to check it out and maybe even update the wiki
>> with a reference to it: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/SysVol_Replication
>> However, my problem arises from not having Windows AD groups mapped to
>> the same posix uidnumber on all AD DCs, not from having changes made on
>> different DCs.
>> Is there a down side to providing posix gid numbers to all AD built-in
>> groups?
>> Does anybody have experience with that approach?
> As far as I know, there is no downside, and it might even be necessary
> for winbind; we're running with Posix attributes on all our groups
> without issues so far.

That is good to know! Thank you Sven!


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