[Samba] Active Directory 'add machine script' parameter

Quentin Gibeaux qgibeaux at iris-tech.fr
Mon Jun 23 03:08:38 MDT 2014


I'm looking at migration from Samba3 (NT domain) to a Samba4 in 4.1.6 on 
ubuntu 14.04 in active directory domain controller mode.
I was doing some stuff when subscribing machines to the domain through a 
script called by smbd, as described with 'add machine script' parameter 
in smb.conf.
It seems that this behavior isn't supported in Active Directory mode in 
my version : i'm still having 'add machine script = 
/usr/sbin/my_script.pl' in my smb.conf, but it's not executed when 
adding machine to the domain. I don't see anything in log in relative to 
this and samba-tool testparm shows me that this option is parsed by samba.

Has it been remove or not ported to samba ad-dc ?


Quentin Gibeaux.

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