[Samba] smb_auth ERR

Andreas Moroder Andreas.moroder at sb-brixen.it
Thu Jun 19 02:37:15 MDT 2014


I would like to use smb_auth to authenticate users in other programs.

I tested with

smb_auth -W ASB  -d
myuser mypwd
Domain name: ASB
Pass-through authentication: no
Query address options:
Domain controller IP address:
Domain controller NETBIOS name: AD-BX
Contents of //AD-BX/NETLOGON/proxyauth:

When i connect to this server via smbclient

smbclient  //AD-BX/NETLOGON -U asb/amoroder

I have the rights to read the proxyauth file and it contains allow ( and 
the windows newline )

Could anyone please help me.

Thank you very much

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