[Samba] Disable Pam checking for Samba4 Standalone role server with samdb_dbds as passdb backend !

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Jun 16 15:03:12 MDT 2014

From what I can tell, you simply don't understand the basic issues at play.
This results in you demanding that people, who actually know how things work, provide you *proof.*

Really, proof? They're doing this as a community service, and you want *proof?*

Might it be enough that the way you're trying it doesn't work? That seems like "proof" to me.

It seems pointless to waste my [or anyone else's] time even attempting to help you. You'll simply waste that time and when you don't get what you want [which, BTW, is impossible] you'll spit in my eye too. [That seems like just a great idea, where do I sign up? <sarcasm>]

C> ...you behave as angry, bad mannered chield.
C> ;))
Google the word "projection." You might find it useful.


>> I answered your initial post and pointed you at the samba wiki, you
>> either didn't read it, understand it, or choose to ignore it. Your
>> question was a bit stupid, so I answered it the same ;-)

C> If you would be more attentive and put off your guru crown you would be
C> able to see, that: firstly I read Wiki link, and partical content could be
C> interpreted in doubled way. in my oppinion. What I wrote about.

>> You mean bad manners like keep opening new threads rather than replying
C> in the thread ?

C> Hurrah, hurrah, you have found something really stupid, have you. It' s one
C> more your intelegent conclusion. But there is no so.
C> It' s some issue of my e-mail client. I will check it tomorrow.

>> I don't have to give you any proof what so ever, I don't even have to
>> point you at what will help you get to where you want to be.

C> Also I posted that if you somebody has his/her oppinion (he/she may of
C> course) and make that others oppinion/assumption/question is stupid WITHOUT
C> proofs,
C> either it is his/her non realized se...al fantasies or some foolish
C> conclusions or mind garbage or some kind of illness. Choose in yourself
C> variant what is up to you.
C> You are likely a Samba guru but you behave as angry, bad mannered chield.
C> ;))

C> But, if you don' t have any valuble to say within tech side of the topic,
C> please, at least, stop, don' t garbage it. Ok ? :)

>> If you do find a way to get samba working without nsswitch, please do
>> let us know, you will have made a major breakthrough ;-)

C> But many things are possible in this world, in this time. -;)

C> For example, I end up some Samba4 feature (connected with NetBrowsing) ,
C> though, initially somebody said that it is impossible or rather can be
C> implementing.

C> I will post if I find non-nssswitch solution...

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