[Samba] Second HowTo about setup and configure file shares

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sun Jun 15 23:47:17 MDT 2014

Hello Stuart,

Am 15.06.2014 20:25, schrieb Stuart Naylor:
> Just wondered and might be different with member servers.
> If you provide vfs objects does this turn off all the
> other defaults or is that all is needed for a member server.

DCs have the ext. attributes enabled globally per default (see HowTo).
So you would use the other HowTo. I'm not sure, if 'vfs objects =
acl_xattr' is enabled globally, if there's a way to disable it
explicitly for some shares again. I haven't tried that yet. For Member
Servers you can use Windows ACLs or the classic way.

If you have used the classic way, it's no problem to switch to the Win
ACL setup (per share or globally). But I have encoutered some problems,
when doing it the other way (e. g. all files were read only on all
shares, even if the ACLs say they should be rw). I forgot to mention
about this. I will add notes tonight.


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