[Samba] Second HowTo about setup and configure file shares

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sat Jun 14 19:31:32 MDT 2014


almost one year ago, I wrote the 'Setup and configure file shares'
HowTo. It describes the way using Windows tools and ACLs.

I have renamed the HowTo:

Now I have added a new guide to the Wiki about the same topic, but using
the classic way with POSIX ACLs and Samba share parameters:

I think it's neccessary, because both ways exist and not all *nix admins
want to use Windows for administering shares/filesystem ACLs. ;-)

Also it will be part of the 'Moving to Samba 4x' guide, I've planned.
Because I think many admins still sit on 3x and won't upgrade, because
the misbelief exists, that Samba 4 is AD/Windows ACLs/etc. stuff only.
And because the end of 3.6 is comming soon, I want to provide more
documentation to encourage people to move to the latest 4x version.
Suggestions, topics, etc. are welcome. :-)


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