[Samba] Manual pages on Centos

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Fri Jun 13 14:19:56 MDT 2014

Hello Steve,

Am 13.06.2014 21:59, schrieb Steve Campbell:
>>> What's is the preferred way to include the samba manual pages on a
>>> Centos 6 system. Should I move the files to the "Manpath" or modify the
>>> man.config?
>>> Examples of which ever way is best would help.
>> I don't understand your question. Do you have compiled Samba by yourself
>> and ask how to get the man pages into your OS so you can run e. g. 'man
>> smb.conf'?
> Yes


Make sure, you have installed xsltproc and docbook. These packages are
required for building the manpages.

# ./configure --mandir=/usr/share/man/ .....
# make
# make install
# man smb.conf


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