[Samba] vfs_recycle and permissions

Samuel Cabrero scabrero at zentyal.com
Fri Jun 13 03:10:37 MDT 2014


we are testing this patch to inherit NT ACLs. Maybe you could test it 
also, feedback will be really appreciated :)

Just add to smb.conf:
recycle: inherit_nt_acl = yes


On 13/06/14 09:39, samba.20.andwin at spamgourmet.com wrote:
> Hi,
> at our site we are using Samba 4.1.8 as an AD controller and on
> another machine as member server and all is working fine so far. Now I
> want to provide recycle repositories for some shares on the member
> server, so I set
> vfs objects = acl_xattr recycle
> recycle:keeptree = yes
> in the corresponding share sections in smb.conf on the member server.
> The problem is that the subdirectories created in the repository seem
> to receive arbitrary permissions (UNIX permissions, UNIX ACLs and NT
> ACLs) regardless of the recycle:directory_mode and recycle:subdir_mode
> settings, whereas the files which are moved to the recycle repository
> keep their original permissions.
> Ideally, also the directories in the recycle repository would keep the
> original permissions.
> Is there a way to configure the vfs_recycle module so that also the
> directory tree in the recycle repository retains the original
> permissions and ACLs?
> How do other people deal with permissions in the recycle repository in
> combination with NT ACLs?
> Best regards
> Andreas

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