[Samba] Cannot mount a remote volume after system upgrade

Günter Kukkukk linux at kukkukk.com
Mon Jun 9 12:57:35 MDT 2014

Am 09.06.2014 19:21, schrieb James Moe:
> On 06/09/2014 08:57 AM, Jeremy Allison wrote:
>>>> Any suggestions or changes that will allow the remote volume to
>>>> mount?
>> Can you post a wireshark trace of the attempt to mount ?
>   Yes. What format is preferred? Does the mailing list allow attachments.

Hi James,

i also have opensuse 12.3 and 13.1 and an old OS/2-Warpserver5 around here.
Just booted that OS/2 box - but it seems that both hard disks were not starting
spinning up (only the boot drive)- so it needs a 2nd try with a looooong checkdisk ....

But i'm sure i'll get that old beast running again after months (years?) of
inactivity. :-)

Then i'll also check the kernel mounts and keep you informed.

Cheers, Günter

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