[Samba] Missing Security Group

Matt Fippard matt.fippard at nakedwines.com
Mon Jun 9 02:54:23 MDT 2014

Hi Samba Community,
I have samba 4.1.8 set up on ubuntu 12.04 and everything apart from the 
below is working fine.

I was setting up some group policies and using merge loopback for the 
users settings. As all computers are in Authenticated Users group I 
needed to isolate them so that the GPO settings did not apply when every 
user (also in the Authenticated Users group) logged into the machines 
only the users in the group I specified.

On a windows domain I could set the GPO to be applied to Domain 
Computers group to accomplish this and although all of my computers are 
in this group the policy processing fails with "access denied LOM".
Looking at GPResult I find that my test computer reports the following 
security groups.

NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users
NT AUTHORITY\This Organization
Mandatory Label\System Mandatory Level

Where is the Domain Computers group? Is this a known bug/something that 
needs to be reported or just not possible?

I can confirm that GPResult shows my users in DOMAIN\Domain Users group 
(as it should) and ADUC shows my computer in Domain Computers group.

Thank you for any help

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