[Samba] Recommended howto/guide for installing samba4 on ubuntu 12.04?

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Fri Jun 6 11:29:20 MDT 2014

Hello Jefferson,

Am 06.06.2014 19:06, schrieb Jefferson Davis:
> Most of what I've found involves installing from
> source, which I'm not opposed to for a pilot
> install but for production I would rather use the
> distro packages or sernet.
> Or is this nuts/shortighted/ignorant? 

This should not much differ from the source installation. Just install
the packages instead of compiling the sources. Only the pathes may
differ. Just follow the HowTo:


Davor wrote a HowTo about a SOHO Server based on Ubuntu:

I haven't proofreaded and moved it to it's final place yet. But the you
could directly validate if it works and give feedback. ;-)

> At any rate, I'm looking for a good guide for getting it
> set up as an AD controller, and then migrating my existing
> samba3+openLDAP+autofs setup to the new platform.


We currently have nothing about autofs in the Wiki. But it would be
great if you provide some feedback or a tutorial, we can put into the Wiki.

> Having too many issues trying to get win7/8 clients
> to play nice with samba3.

Do you mean issues with Samba version 3 or Samba as a NT4-style domain?
If you only have issues with the old version, then simply upgrade your
machines to 4.1. Samba 4 does not require to migrate to AD.

> Samba by example is what I used for my existing environment,
> great, phenomenal guide, but there does not seem to
> be anything analogous for Samba4.

The best source currently is the Wiki:


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