[Samba] Forward Samba DC DNS to Bind

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Fri Jun 6 11:19:47 MDT 2014

Hello Lars,

Am 06.06.2014 09:30, schrieb Lars Hanke:
> I have a running Bind9 infrastructure and intend to have Samba its
> specialities, but leave the bulk to Bind. My idea is to configure a
> slave zone with Samba as master in my top level Bind. However, this
> would need Samba to allow-forward.
> Is there any way to configure the internal DNS like that? Or do I have
> to run a Bind instance on the samba machine for that purpose?

Does your BIND runs on the machine that should be the DC? Then you can
use BIND_DLZ to include the AD domain into your existing BIND. It will
handle your existing zones like you had them in the past. And the AD
managed zones, come from AD.

If your existing BIND runs on a different machine, you can do the following:
- Choose if you setup your DC with the internal DNS or BIND_DLZ.
- Then add a forwarder zone in your named.conf for your AD
  domain, pointing to your AD DC(s) DNS:
  zone "samdom.example.com" {
          type forward;
          forwarders {;; };

Then your clients can use your existing DNS servers and requests for the
AD DNS zone will be forwarded to your DCs.


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