[Samba] dns on samba, or not

David Bear dwbear75 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 13:38:44 MDT 2014

I still don't understand something I know is critical for a samba 4 addc to

We want to run DNS from our firewall/router. This seems to be the natural
place for it. Furthermore, it's already there.

But it seems when samba 4.x is running as an ADDC, it also wants to run/be

Is there a way to keep dns running on our firewall appliance and have samba
refer to that? If so, what are the disadvantages ? Does it prevent machines
from joining the domain?

Finally, if it is not possible to allow samba to not run any dns, is there
a best practice from dns naming conventions. For example, if our dns name


all our user principals would be username at myschool.com

but if samba must run its own dns, could we have a subdomain such as


And if we did, would the user principal then become

username at authdom.myschool.com


David Bear
mobile: (602) 903-6476

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