[Samba] Few questions about members

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed Jun 4 10:22:35 MDT 2014

Top posting now because the original was useless.

When we try to join a member to the domain, the following results are given:

# /usr/local/samba/bin/net ads join -U administrator
Enter administrator's password:
Using short domain name -- TS
Joined 'MEMBER1' to dns domain 'ts.mystuff.com'
DNS Update for member1.ts.mystuff.com failed: ERROR_DNS_UPDATE_FAILED

DNS seems to work as expected, though. The previous tests showed working 

We have even added the A record for the server manually.

# host -t A member1.ts.mystuff.com
member1.ts.mystuff.com has address

Thanks for any assistance. I'm still wondering about the startup script 
in the original post, but that can wait.

steve campbell

On 6/4/2014 9:29 AM, Steve Campbell wrote:
> We are experimenting with two different scenarios here. The one I'm 
> asking about this time is this:
> We have a samba4 AD set up. It seems to be fine as far as we can tell. 
> We are trying to set up a member, and have followed the wiki page 
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setup_a_Samba_AD_Member_Server.
> The first question I have is why is the start script we use on the AD 
> not work on the member to start samba? It appears we need to start the 
> 3 individual daemons instead of being able to use the init script 
> listed on the "get a start script" page.
> Second question. We have a Windows XP machine that runs the 
> administration stuff from Microsoft. We do not see the shares we 
> placed on the member.
> Being a real inexperienced Samba user, I'm not sure what to send or 
> even if I'm asking the right questions.
> Thanks for any assistance.
> steve campbell

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