[Samba] deadtime = 1

samb at fuckaround.org samb at fuckaround.org
Wed Jun 4 05:25:47 MDT 2014

Hi all,

reading about samba I discover "deadtime" directive applicable to [global]:

deadtime = 1 # 1 minute

This tells Samba to terminate any inactive client sessions after 1 minute.
For most networks, setting this option as such will not inconvenience
users because reconnections from the client are generally performed
transparently to the user. See also the keepalive parameter.

So, after connect a win7 machine to samba share (with username and
password), next doing nothing and wait almost 1 minute, I don't need
reconnect again my client inserting again user and pass...

maybe is not my option, how I can force samba to disconnect a client when
that does nothing?



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